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Floater Fishing Session


By Luke Taylor

One boiling summer day my brother and I decided to get some dog biscuits and do some floater fishing up at Bitterwell Lake.

I only paid for the one rod that session as that's all I had the money for! The first carp came to my brother in the first hour. He was made up as it was his first surface caught carp! A few minutes later, it was my turn to hook one which was a lovely little common!

After that, the floater fishing went a bit crazy for and over the next few hours and I managed a few decent fish. Then the action went quiet...

Later in the evening, I had had about 8 carp. Ashley was fishing with us at this point and he went round to collect someone's money. I moved his rod into a spot where a carp had been taking a few dog biscuits which the wind had blown into the margin. His rod ripped off and as he wasn't there! So I picked it up and what I'd hooked felt big! By time Ashley had noticed I had a carp on his rod, it was in the net!

As it was big we put it on the scales and I was certain this was a new personal best common carp. The scales said 16Ib exactly so we weighed the sling which was 8oz and I had a new pb common carp at 15Ib 8oz!

After that I somehow lost quite a few fish as they were snapping up my 6Ib hook link before I could pick my rod up! I moved up to a 10Ib hook link but by time I had the fishing went quiet.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my session at Bitterwell Lake - tight lines and wet nets!

Luke Taylor

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